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Warm and nurturing environment for our youngest friends.  Enrollment begins at 4 weeks old. 

Our Commitment to Quality Care


Infants are cared for in a warm and affectionate way that lets them know they are special people. Babies are provided with a safe space in which to grow, and freedom to explore. Our caregivers provide lots of individual attention for each of our infants creating a feeling of trust with the child that is so important at this stage of development.

Our Caregivers


We are dedicated to providing loving and consistent care for our infants. We provide a safe and nurturing environment and pride ourselves on being attentive to each child's individual needs.

The Infant Room


Our Infant Room is a fun and cheerful place for young ones to spend their day. We create a safe environment that promotes infants’ sense of trust and self-esteem. The nursery is full of stimulating and safe toys that provide the opportunity for infants to develop both large and small motor development. Play in this room is focused on the development of muscles for sitting, crawling, standing, walking, as well as small muscles for grasping, reaching, holding, and picking up objects.

Parent Involvement


Parents are always welcome at Sunburst Childcare Center. We strive for consistency between daycare and home practices, and follow through on all parents’ requests is key. You provide us with your baby’s daily routine and we’ll use that as a guide for your baby’s day with us. Please feel free at any time to share information with our caregivers about your child’s development, or any concerns you may have.

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