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Outdoor Play


At First Impressions we have an extra large playground equipped with age appropriate climbers, slides, and ride-on toys that will enhance your child’s large motor development, and provide for many hours of outdoor fun.

Our Program


At First Impressions we provide a clean, safe and secure environment offering children enjoyable, hands-on activities designed to encourage exploration and growth while building self-esteem. Our program focuses on helping young children enhance their gross and fine motor skills and use all senses in learning. We do this with projects, circle times, group play activities, and free play. At First Impressions, our classrooms are organized to maintain a clean, colorful, organized, child-sized and safe environment in which the children can trust and belong. Centers are structured to allow for group spaces, as well as individual play and development.

Our Commitment to the Children


At First Impressions we help children become active explorers and self-confident, independent and enthusiastic learners by stressing the process of learning and discovery through developmentally appropriate activities in a safe, secure environment. Children are encouraged to make decisions, cooperate, take turns with others, practice listening, explore their environment and express, understand and handle their feelings.


We work closely with the Kindergarten teachers to develop a curriculum for preparing preschoolers for kindergarten.  We also offer a 3 year old session.

Parent Involvement


Parents are always welcome at First Impressions Preschool.  We strive for consistency between school and home practices, and following through on all parents’ requests is key.  Please feel free at any time to share information with our teachers about your child’s development, or any concerns you may have.

Our Teachers


Our teachers model and communicate to children the appropriate ways to express themselves and interact and problem solve with others. Our teachers are committed to offering children a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare our students for kindergarten and beyond. Above all, we want our children to have fun during their time with us.

The Curriculum


The curriculum at First Impressions offers a variety of exciting and stimulating activities. Each week we have different themes that keep us learning new things. Our session includes projects, circle and group time, as well as learning center time in the classroom. The learning centers typically include space for:

  • Science

  • Blocks

  • Library

  • House, Kitchen and Dramatic play

  • Music and Movement

  • Table Toys

  • Outdoors Time

  • Daily Art

  • Computers

  • Sensory Table

  • Gross Motor Activity
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